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When I began planning my web site, I thought it would be fun to include a "book of the month" page. I'd pick one of my books and tell a little about it: things I learned while writing it, problems I encountered, and, perhaps, stuff I wanted to include in the book that the editors cut out. So keep checking in. Every so often (maybe monthly) I'll change the book.

William David Thomas


I'd wanted to go to Alaska since I was young. Everything I'd ever heard about it intrigued me. The midnight sun, the high mountains, the stories of gold miners, the bears, the whales, Robert Service's poetry, and Jack London's novels. So I was really pleased when I got the chance to write this book. And then, in 2012, I finally got to Alaska. I spent three weeks driving and hiking and looking and being amazed. 

One of the most amazing things on the trip happened in Fairbanks, at the Pioneer Village, a complex of historical buildings and exhibits. I went into the restored house that serves as an information center, and there, on a table in the center of the room, was a stack of my book about Alaska! That was great!