The Odyssey of Yu Lawrence Lysses‚Äč is a middle grade novel (roughly ages 9-12), a re-imagining of Homer's 3000-year old tale. In my version, an 11-year old Japanese-American boy has a long, adventure-filled journey from the baseball fields of Troy (New York) to his home town of Ithaca (New York). Along the way he must deal with a vindictive executive, a one-eyed giant, a high-tech wizard, his mother's ghost, one really bad restaurant, a legendary monster, and his own betrayal of his best friends. This book is now making its way through the world of submissions and rejections.

Right now I'm struggling with ideas for two more books. One is tentatively set here in Rochester, and is about two 11-year old girls. One is the daughter of a wounded Afghan War veteran; the other is an Afgahn refugee whose family had to flee their homeland because of the war. The second book, tentatively titled Ya'ak and Yesh, is the story of Jesus's childhood, told from the prospective of his younger brother. Tag line: Being the second son is never easy. It's harder when your brother thinks he's God. It's harder still when you think he may be right.

What I'm writing

William David Thomas