What I'm writing

William David Thomas

The Odyssey of Yu Lawrence Lysses‚Äč is a middle grade novel (roughly ages 9-12), a re-imagining of Homer's 3000-year old tale. In my version, an 11-year old Japanese-American boy has a long, adventure-filled journey from the baseball fields of Troy (New York) to his home town of Ithaca (New York). Along the way he must deal with a vindictive executive, a one-eyed giant, a high-tech wizard, his mother's ghost, one really bad restaurant, a legendary monster, and his own betrayal of his best friends. This book is now making its way through the world of submissions and rejections.

Right now I'm writing a book tentatively titled Ya'ak and Yesh. Think Johnny Tremain and young Clark Kent rolled into one. A twelve-year old boy, living in a time of political turmoil, oppression, and rebellion, has miraculous powers he is just beginning to discover and understand. Only one other person knows of his powers and rebel leanings: his adoring but fearful younger brother, whom he has sworn to secrecy.