William David Thomas

About me

I grew up and still live in Rochester, New York, close to the shore of Lake Ontario. I have been married to a short woman named Patricia for a very long time. We have three adult children and three grandchildren.
When I was very young, I wanted to be a cowboy. Then I wanted to be a baseball pitcher. Then I wanted to be an artist. None of those things worked out.

I did become a Peace Corps Volunteer, then a teacher, and then a human resource for several corporations. In my corporate cubicles, I wrote training materials, software documentation, and user manuals. That was all non-fiction. I also wrote marketing literature, advertising copy, and executive speeches. That was mostly fiction.

I started writing for young people through a friend of a friend. My first book was published in 2005. I’m now writing full time. Full time means when I’m not mowing the lawn, cooking, traveling, shoveling the driveway, watching baseball, reading, singing, visiting my children, or daydreaming.

Although daydreaming really is an important part of the writing process.